Zach's Story

Meet Zach. He presented in our office this year in dental crisis, at the young age of 22, and affected all of us instantly. He opened up and shared his story with me right out of the gate and there was much to tell...much that I was trying to grasp at, follow, and understand how it was possible for such a young person. I realized any one of my children could have a sudden onset of disease that changes the course of their life forever. I had Zach sitting right in front of me telling me this exact thing. He appeared frail, but not depleted. He clearly had fight left in him but no options. His family had spent every available dollar getting him through brain surgery and its recovery. Now, Zach needs full mouth dentistry to recover from the effects of his diabetes and I was sitting in front of him telling him he'll need $30,000 of dentistry with no solution of how he can get it.

The Holbrook family left our office that morning, seemingly grateful for the time I had spent with them. But compassion solved none of their problems and I knew that. I can't think of a single time in my 15 years of practice that I had a young adult in front of me, with this level of health deterioration and the financial crisis that comes with it, and I let them walk away with no solution to fix it. By the end of that day, I walked into Hannah's office and said, "We have to do something." Hannah looked near tears because she spent the day feeling exactly the same way.

And here we are. I immediately pledged $5000 of work, completed by my team, at no charge to Zach. He has already saved and accumulated $5000 himself since we met and we've got the ball rolling on getting things completed between the two of us. I can already see his transformation occurring. We are nearly there when it comes to ridding his mouth of active disease. Now comes the time to replace the teeth Zach lost as a result of his diabetic infection, which is where you come in.

Our goal is to raise $20,000 total to get Zach back to complete health and restoration. Can you donate any amount at all to know YOU have been a part of changing his life and giving him a chance to have a normal future, a successful career, and a family? Let's get together and make this happen!

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