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  • The Benefits of Orthodontics
    If you want a beautiful smile that will restore your confidence and self-esteem, orthodontic treatment is a great solution. In fact, aside from creating a smile that looks and feels Read more
  • Caring for Your Smile When You Have Braces
    Because your office for orthodontics is currently closed for non-essential visits during the coronavirus, it’s important that you know how to care for your teeth at home if you have Read more
  • Maintaining a White Smile
    Even though you brush and floss twice each day, your teeth still look dull and your smile is fading. This is because, over time, eating certain foods, drinking coffee, and Read more
  • Tired of Dental Stains? We Can Help
    Have stains dulled your once-bright smile? Teething whitening and veneers, two cosmetic dentistry treatments offered by your Folsom, CA, dentist, Dr. Shaina DiMariano, can renew your smile. Teeth whitening removes stains Read more
  • Your Cosmetic Dentistry Options
    Stained teeth? Gummy smile? Slightly crooked smile? Or are you looking to completely make over your underwhelming smile? Dr. Shaina DiMariano can help. Here at DiMariano Family Dentistry and Orthodontics Read more
  • Does My Child Need Orthodontic Treatment?
    Braces seem to be a rite of passage for many adolescents, but many parents start wondering about the need for correction as soon as their child's baby teeth start to Read more
  • Revive Your Smile with Teeth Whitening
    It’s amazing how a brighter smile can instantly make you feel better about your appearance. You may find yourself smiling more often, planning more social outings, and feeling ready to Read more
  • What Porcelain Veneers Can Do for You
    So many people are getting veneers to improve the appearance of their smile including celebrities, so it’s natural to wonder whether this restoration could be what you need to finally Read more
  • Teach Your Child Good Oral Hygiene Habits
    Good oral hygiene is a family affair. As parents, we must look after how kids brush and floss and what they eat, too. At DiMariano Family Dentistry & Orthodontics in Read more
  • Which Cosmetic Dentistry Procedure Is Right for You?
    How cosmetic dentistry from your dentist in Folsom, California can transform your smile Do you want a more beautiful smile? Tooth damage from everyday wear-and-tear is common, especially as you get Read more
  • Are Braces Right for You?
    If you have been wanting a straighter smile, then braces could be right for you. Braces are a type of orthodontic treatment for straightening teeth, closing gaps between teeth, and Read more
  • The Benefits of Dental Implants
    Could this long-term tooth replacement be exactly what you need to smile again? A dental implant is a small metal post that is surgically placed into the jawbone to replace Read more
  • Do I Need Orthodontic Treatment?
    Braces. You remember friends wearing them years ago when you were kids, but you managed to dodge that bullet, right? As an adult, however, your teeth look less than perfect, Read more
  • One Dentist for Your Whole Family
    A comfortable, state-of-the-art dental practice to care for your entire family--that's what you'll enjoy at DiMariano Family Dentistry & Orthodontics in Folsom, CA. From pediatric dentistry to wide-ranging restorative care Read more
  • Perfect Your Smile With Cosmetic Contouring
    Even if you don’t think that your smile can look any better than it already does, it’s still worthwhile to go to a cosmetic consultation with your dentist. You may Read more
  • The Particulars of Pediatric Dentistry
    Proper oral hygiene and good dental health are paramount to keeping your teeth healthy, clean, and free from uncomfortable complications. Starting good habits early is key to maintaining good oral Read more

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