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Caring for Your Smile When You Have Braces
By DiMariano Family Dentistry
May 13, 2020
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
Tags: braces  

Because your office for orthodontics is currently closed for non-essential visits during the coronavirus, it’s important that you know how to care for your teeth at home if you have braces. Dr. Shaina DiMariano is a dentist at DiMariano Family Dentistry in Folsom, CA, that specializes in orthodontics. Here are some tips that will help patients with braces maintain a healthy smile.

  • Clean your teeth regularly: If you’re wearing braces, keeping your teeth clean is a top priority. Use a soft-headed toothbrush and toothpaste with fluoride. Because food is likely to get stuck in your braces, it’s a good idea to brush after each meal. However, wait for at least 30 minutes after eating. Flossing will also help to removed trapped particles of food.
  • Avoid certain foods: If you have braces, you should avoid foods that are hard, sticky, or chewy (for example, toffee, hard candy, or popcorn) as these can get stuck in your braces.
  • Take care of your braces: If you’re athletic or play sports, protect your braces with a mouthguard. For the best protection, wear guards on both your upper and lower teeth. Your orthodontist can provide you will a custom-made mouthguard.
  • Call your Folsom orthodontist: If you have any questions about your braces or any other dental concerns, you can call Dr. DiMariano for advice. Once the practice is re-open for regular services, you will be able to get back into your usual orthodontic routine.

Even if you take very good care of your braces, they can sometimes break, or a wire or bracket may become loose. If this occurs, you should make an appointment with your dentist immediately.

Due to COVID-19, DiMariano Family Dentistry is suspending non-essential care. Accordingly, if you are experiencing a dental emergency, call our Folsom office at (916) 983-6655.