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By DiMariano Family Dentistry
June 10, 2020
Category: Oral Health
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If you want a beautiful smile that will restore your confidence and self-esteem, orthodontic treatment is a great solution. In fact, aside from creating a smile that looks and feels great, orthodontics can also improve your overall health. This is because even teeth are easier to clean, causing bacteria to have less of a chance to build up and cause tooth decay. Dr. Shaina M DiMariano of DiMariano Family Dentistry and Orthodontics in Folsom, CA, specializes in orthodontic treatments—read on to learn what her services can do for you.

How You Can Benefit from Orthodontic Treatments

Orthodontics can benefit you in many ways, such as:

  • Improving your ability to bite and chew
  • Making it easier to brush and floss your teeth
  • Reducing your risk of cavities and gum disease
  • Eliminating the risk of injury from protruding teeth
  • Alleviating speech impairments


Types of Orthodontic Treatment

Folsom residents can take advantage of the following orthodontic treatments at DiMariano Family Dentistry and Orthodontics:

  • Braces: Traditional braces can be used to correct several dental problems including:
  • Uneven teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Overcrowded teeth
  • An overbite – where the upper front teeth protrude too far over the lower teeth
  • An underbite – where the lower teeth protrude over the upper front teeth
  • Jaw misalignment that causes an uneven bite
  • Invisalign: Because Invisalign aligners are made from a clear, flexible material, they offer a discreet and more comfortable alternative to traditional braces.

To assist with orthodontic treatment, Dr. Di. Mariano uses iTero Digital Scanning. This cutting-edge optical technology allows her to capture a detailed 3-D image of your teeth and gums. The whole process takes just a few minutes and enables you to see how you are progressing with your dental treatment.

If you would like to schedule a consultation about orthodontics, call our Folsom office at (916) 983-6655.

By DiMariano Family Dentistry
April 26, 2018
Category: Oral Health
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A comfortable, state-of-the-art dental practice to care for your entire family--that's what you'll enjoy at DiMariano Family Dentistry & family dentistOrthodontics in Folsom, CA. From pediatric dentistry to wide-ranging restorative care to transformative cosmetic treatments, Dr. Shaina DiMariano and her friendly team provide everything you and your loved ones need.

Dental care starts early

Dr. DiMariano sees patients as young as age one. Your family dentist provides the finest in preventive, restorative and cosmetic care in a bright and beautiful Folsom, CA, facility.

Your dentist asks to see your children beginning when that first baby tooth arrives, and then from age three on up--every six months. These routine exams and cleanings are the heart of preventive care for all family members. They're great opportunities to discuss health concerns, learn new hygiene methods and discuss what the future holds in terms of tooth and jaw development.

In addition, at DiMariano Family Dentistry & Orthodontics, you'll find complete orthodontic care for all members of the family. There's no need to travel elsewhere for orthodontic evaluations, metal or ceramic braces or innovative clear aligners from Invisalign. For youngsters and adults who need and want straight smiles, Dr. DiMariano and her team are here to help.

Restorative care

Tooth decay and gum disease can happen even when families are vigilant about brushing, flossing and diet. So Dr. DiMariano offers the latest in restorative dental treatments---tooth-colored fillings, dental implants, gum disease treatment, bridgework, dentures, porcelain crowns and more.

Plus, at the heart of any quality family practice is emergency care. Whether your child chips a tooth at softball practice or you lose a filling or crown unexpectedly, you can contact your Folsom, CA, family dentist for accurate advice and a same-day appointment if necessary.

Cosmetic care

At some point in our lives, most of us want to improve the appearance of our smiles. Whether it's tooth shape, alignment, color or something else that detracts from self-confidence and that just right look, Dr. DiMariano understands and can help you and your loved ones achieve your best look.

Professional teeth whitening appeals to a wide range of patients--from young adults to people in their senior years. In fact, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry states that teeth whitening is the most popular aesthetic dental treatment in the United States.

Besides whitening, Dr. DiMariano offers:

  • Composite resin bonding to repair small flaws
  • Porcelain veneers to cover larger defects
  • Cosmetic contouring to reshape tooth length, size and shape

These services may be incorporated into a treatment plan geared toward your preferences and unique facial contours.

Learn more

We'd love to be your family's dental practice. With a convenient location and office hours which accommodate busy schedules, DiMariano Family Dentistry & Orthodontics could be the perfect fit for you and yours. Please contact the office today to arrange check-up and cleaning appointments: (916) 983-6655.

By DiMariano Family Dentistry
January 17, 2018
Category: Oral Health

Proper oral hygiene and good dental health are paramount to keeping your teeth healthy, clean, and free from uncomfortable pediatric dentistrycomplications. Starting good habits early is key to maintaining good oral health throughout life. But what makes pediatric dentistry important and how does it work? Find out more about the particulars of pediatric dentistry with Dr. Shaina DiMariano at DiMariano Family Dentistry and Orthodontics in Folsom, CA.

What makes pediatric dentistry important? 
Pediatric dentistry focuses on treating patients from infancy through their teen years. Family dentists allow patients to see the same dental professionals their whole life, ensuring that dental anxiety is kept to a minimum by establishing a solid relationship between patient and dentist. Additionally, seeing the dentist from an early age gives your dentist the chance to regularly remove plaque and tartar from the teeth to ensure that decay and gum disease stops before it begins.

When should my child begin seeing their dentist? 
The American Dental Association suggests that children see their dentist for the first time within six months of getting their first tooth, but no later than their first birthday. While the first dental visit is normally more of an introduction than an examination, your dentist will still examine your children’s existing teeth and ensure that their oral tissues are healthy. Starting the connection between your child and their dentist this early helps your child get to know the dentist and their dentist to get to know them.

Pediatric Dentistry in Folsom, CA
If your child has gotten their first tooth, it may be time to begin arrangements for their first dental appointment. Consult with your dentist to determine the best schedule for your child’s regular examinations and cleanings. Between appointments, help your child keep their teeth healthy by brushing at least twice daily and flossing at least once.

For more information on pediatric dentistry, please contact Dr. Shaina DiMariano at DiMariano Family Dentistry and Orthodontics in Folsom, CA. Call (916) 983-6655 to schedule your appointment with Dr. DiMariano today!

By DiMariano Family Dentistry
March 10, 2017
Category: Oral Health
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Your child’s oral health starts with you. Show them the ropes.family dentistry

Once your child’s first teeth start to come in it can be an exciting time for the whole family. Keeping teeth and gums healthy should be a top priority in your household. Our Folsom, CA, pediatric dentist, Dr. Shaina DiMariano, is here to provide some helpful hints for how to make sure your child is maintaining good oral health.

  • When teeth start to come in then it’s time to use the tiniest drop of toothpaste on a small toothbrush. Use gentle circular motions to clean these teeth. As teeth begin to grow in together you will need to start flossing your little one’s teeth. Always be gentle when moving floss between teeth as children’s gums are sensitive.
  • When you first start flossing your child’s teeth you may notice some bleeding. Offer up a non-verbal signal between you and your child that they can use if they are feeling any discomfort while you floss.
  • By the time your child turns one year old they should be seeing our Folsom family dentist every six months for routine checkups. These checkups are great for removing plaque and tartar buildup and for parents to learn the ins and outs of caring for their child’s smile. These visits can sometimes be just as important for parents as they can be for children, since it’s the perfect time to ask us questions.
  • When your child is old enough to know not to swallow toothpaste then it’s time to switch to a fluoridated toothpaste, which will help keep teeth enamel strong and protect against decay. You will continue to brush your child’s teeth until they reach the age of six or seven, when they have enough dexterity to handle the toothbrush on their own.
  • Even once children start brushing you’ll want to make oral care a family routine so that you can monitor how often, how long and how effectively they are brushing. Every time they brush and floss their teeth consider a reward program that will get them excited and willing to care for their smile on a regular basis.

DiMariano Family Dentistry & Orthodontics is dedicated to providing individualized and compassionate dental care for the whole family. Whether your child needs braces or you want to talk about cosmetic dentistry options, we are here for you.